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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Solid Edge ST6 Has Arrived!

Industry-leading Solid Edge ST6 has just been released, which will help you Design Better products, complete projects quicker and minimize costs.  ST6 features:

- Advances in assembly, stylized surfacing and sheet metal design expand the breadth of 3D models

- Automated design optimization helps minimize material use and product weight while improving part fit and function

 - Solid Edge for SharePoint provides advanced, visual design management tools implemented on existing IT infrastructure

 - New bulk migration tool facilitates adoption of synchronous technology for existing competitive data

Solid Edge ST6 satisfies over 1,300 customer requests, confirming its position as the industry leading design solution.  The new release includes: 

- Efficient assembly modeling
- Stamped metal part design
- Expanded tools for stylized surfacing
- World-class drafting and faster design optimization

Solid Edge ST6 provides seamless transition from competitive systems by promoting the re-use of much of the Inherent Intelligent model data.

Solid Edge ST6 allows you to:

-Maximize product efficiencies
-Take product development to a new level
-Reduce costs

“The enhancements in Solid Edge ST6 Drafting will be a great time saver. I can see significant productivity improvements with the ability to snap balloons to an alignment line or bounding box.  One of the biggest time savers in Solid Edge ST6 might be the ability to auto-arrange 2D detailing dimensions that were retrieved from the 3D model.”-- David Iverson - Drafting Checker - Ariel Corporation

Join Ally PLM on Thursday, July 18th at 12:30PM EST for our Solid Edge Lunch Bytes: What’s New in ST6 – Part 1


Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc 

What is CAMWorks for Solid Edge All About?

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is the only  feature-based CAM product on the market that leverages synchronous technology, enabling you to make “on demand” manufacturing design changes to any  CAD model.  You can automate workflows with easy-to-use associate NC Programming technology to accelerate programming time up to 90%. 

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is an embedded CAM program that is fully integrated with Solid Edge,  and provides you with unprecedented benefits like:

- Reduced programming time from hours to minutes using automatic feature recognition in conjunction with knowledge base
- Lower cost of ownership with ease-of-use and a short learning curve
- Reduced turnaround time with automatic regeneration of toolpath for rapid ‘on the fly’ manufacturing design changes to any CAD model
- Ability to retain and standardize manufacturing best practices by leveraging automatic feature recognition and assigning appropriate machining strategy using a proprietary Technology Database

CAMWorks is an intuitive featured based CAM solution assisting manufacturers to increase productivity and profits by utilizing best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize machining efficiencies with ease. 

Even if you are not a CAM expert, you can learn the user interface quickly and create good tool paths with just a small amount of training.  CAMWorks will recognize geometry using patented feature recognition technology and produce tool paths automatically based on the Technology Database (TechDB™). 

The Technology Database is:

- Fully customizable
- Easy to navigate
- Contains information defining what strategies, tools, speeds/feeds, and etc. based  on selected geometry
- A means to capture and reuse machining best-practices of an organization
- Efficient in automation of NC programming from database

VoluMill is fully integrated into CAMWorks, making it simple to learn and easy to use.  VoluMill™ produces an ultra-high performance toolpath designed for High Speed Machining applications: 2-axis and 3-axis rough milling tasks.  VoluMill™ makes dynamic adjustments to the axial depth of cut and feed rate to stay inside the pre-determined rate of material removal.  VoluMill™ has been proven to quadruple Milling cutter life while operating safely at great feeds and speeds than recommended by cutter manufacturers.  

VoluMill™ designs a path to increase overall path length with these techniques. VoluMill™ address four traditional toolpath problem areas:

- initial full cut into material
- stepping over in-between cuts
- feeding into new areas of parts
- overloading in corners

CAMWorks for Solid Edge’s key to faster time-to-market:

- Identify Features: Using patented, Automated Feature Recognition from CAMWorks
- Apply Machining Best Practices: Use Knowledge Based Machining to leverage in-house machining knowledge
- Automatically Adjust to Design Changes: Fully associative toolpaths update automatically to design changes

CAMWorks for Solid Edge will allow you to increase quality while reducing scrap, tooling costs, programming and overall lead time.  You will find it worthwhile to learn and powerful when learned.
No one else compares to the speed of their Knowledge Based Machining/Synchronous Technology power combination.  Check out the world’s first embedded CAM system for Solid Edge:

Reserve a seat for our webinar:  CAMWorks for Solid Edge: Intelligent Machining through Automation

Check out this video on CAMWorks for Solid Edge: 

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Ticket For Solid Edge University 2013

How would you like to attend Solid Edge University 2013 for FREE?  Well here's how.


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Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.


Ally PLM’s fourth post in our “What to do around Cincinnati” features the Banks. The Banks, located right on the Ohio River, is rich with Cincinnati history and tradition. It is where both hometown teams are housed—Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark are located here. It has been undergoing major redevelopment since 2008 and thus offers beautiful green space and several new bars and restaurants. Views of the River can be enjoyed from almost every location listed below.

Made Famous by Cincinnati

The Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse
For the best barbeque in the country, stop by the Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse. It offers beautiful views of the Ohio River, a diverse menu, and the best ribs you’ve ever tasted. Click here to view their menu.  It is located at 925 Riverside Drive Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Moerlein Lager House
Inspired by the Christian Moelein Brewing Company which was founded in 1853 in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, the Moerlein Lager House offers a wide variety of superior craft beers. This modern venue has outdoor seating for the summer months. Click here to view a list of their craft beers. It is located at 115 Joe Nuxhall Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).


Smale Riverfront Park
This beautiful park on the Ohio River celebrated its grand opening just one year ago. It has walking paths, water features, and scenic gardens, as well as an expanded public overlook along the river. It is located at West Mehring Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get Directions).

Tin Roof
This laid-back venue offers live music and events on almost every night of the week. They also have a menu featuring their made-from-scratch recipes and great drink specials. Click here to view a calendar of events. Tin Roof is located at 160 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar
Inspired by a country music legend, Toby Keith’s offers live music on almost every night of the week. They have a full food menu and great drink specials. Enjoy one of their draft beers served in a mason jar. Click here to view a calendar of events. It is located at 145 2nd Street East Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Fine Dining

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Ruth’s Chris boasts their food quality, only serving hand-selected steaks from the top 2% of the country’s beef.  Seasonal specials, fresh seafood, and homemade sides are also on the menu. Click here to view their menu. It is located at 100 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

WG Kitchen & Bar
New to the Banks, WG Kitchen & Bar provides its guests with a relaxed atmosphere to taste and learn about wine. They have a wine store on location, and offer a wide variety of appetizers, cheese plates, and full entrees. Click here to view their website. They are located at 161 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Casual Dining

Experience traditional comfort food with Mahogany’s southern-inspired menu which holds over four generations of family recipes.  Click here to view their menu. It is located at 180 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Crave’s diverse menu features locally-sourced ingredients. Their chic atmosphere provides a great energy for guests. They also offer drink specials and a sushi bar. Click here to view their menu. It is located at 175 Joe Nuxhall Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Late Night

Holy Grail Tavern & Grille
Located just 100 yards from home plate at Great American Ballpark, Holy Grail has 31 hi-def TVs and two outdoor patios, making it the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the Red’s. They also offer a full food menu. Click here to view their menu. They are located at 161 Joe Nuxhull Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Yard House

Newly opened this spring, Yard House offers the widest draft beer selection at the Banks. They also have a wide variety of specialty drinks and wine, as well as a full food menu. Click here to visit their website. It is located at 75 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Solutions

Friday, June 7, 2013

3DConnexion Mice for CAD Design Engineers Are Economical Choice

Technology Assessment Group (TAG), an independent product consulting firm, which specializes in product evaluation and productivity measurement, recently conducted a research study to assess the economic impact of the 3D mouse on CAD design engineers.

GE, IBM and the University of Toronto via user interface research suggest substantial productivity gains resulting from using well-integrated 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) devices for complex 3D applications i.e. 3D CAD. 

3D Mice
3D mice allow you to:

- naturally interact in designing by zooming, rotating and panning
- minimize design errors, explore models with superior navigation
- reduce mouse clicks and movements
- navigate simultaneously while creating and editing with ease

SpacePilot Pro
Key findings for CAD users while using 3D mice:

- 84%+ of CAD design engineers have reported significant improvement to their product designs and their ability to detect design problems
- 21% average productivity increase
- takes less than a month for a typical payback period

The report evaluated the anecdotal claims that 3D mice can significantly improve CAD design engineer productivity, and further sought to evaluate the user interface research suggesting impressive productivity gains.  Surveying 190 3D mice users, substantial gains of over 20% are being experienced by CAD design engineers while using 3D mice with their CAD applications.

6DoF navigation and simultaneous two-handedness were key factors leading to their improvements in underlying user interface research observations.

Charles Machine Works

Jason Inglis, CAD Administrator at Charles Machine Works recalls: “I have four different variations of the 3DConnexion in my shop.  The fluidity in which it allows me to design is unmatched.”

Nathan Emler, Drafting Checker at Ariel Corporation says: “I have found that in the years I have been using 3dConnexion's 3D mice that they have proven to be very durable and reliable.  Once you become accustomed to using one that when it is not available for using CAD software it is like not having a mouse for windows.  It is possible to get the job done but it is not very pleasant“.

According to the recent study, an investment in 3D mice can have an unusually fast payback – less than 30 days – which would lead you to the conclusion that any company with CAD design engineers should proactively consider adopting 3D mice. 

You can obtain the SpacePilot Pro and SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse for 10% off from Ally PLM at  But hurry, the offer ends soon!

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teamcenter Rapid Start Streamlines Product Development and Accelerates Product Data Management Deployment

Siemens has developed a streamlined avenue for you to quickly find, share and re-use product data.  Teamcenter Rapid Start will help you realize immediate benefits of PDM and provide you utmost confidence that you have a growth path to product lifecycle management whenever you need it.  Teamcenter Rapid Start is the next step in the evolution of Siemens' Teamcenter Express software.  Teamcenter will allow you to manage everyday tasks and processes with preconfigured best practice workflows for engineering change and product release, which enhance efficiency to meet design and schedule targets.  

Teamcenter Rapid Start allows you to:

- minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance
- collaborate on multi-CAD designs without using CAD
- manage essential engineering documentation
- automate product development and release processes
- start now and grow over time

CAD data management

“Teamcenter Rapid Start simplifies entry into PDM, allowing companies to start managing their multi-CAD data, change, and release processes, and then advance their PLM maturity over time as their needs grow.  Once you have Teamcenter Rapid Start up and running, you can add on Teamcenter capabilities as you need them, targeting the transformational business processes for which Teamcenter is built. Teamcenter Rapid Start allows customers to start experiencing the benefits of Teamcenter with a simple, easy to deploy, easy to use PDM solution.” - Eric Sterling, Senior Vice President, Lifecycle Collaboration Software, Siemens PLM Software.

Any Teamcenter Express customer can exchange current licenses for equivalent Teamcenter Rapid Start licenses and after a straightforward upgrade will benefit from both the preconfigured PDM capabilities of Teamcenter Rapid Start and easy access to the full PLM capabilities of Teamcenter.
Teamcenter Rapid Start will be available later this month. For more details, please visit:
Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Quick Peek Inside Solid Edge ST6

 Solid Edge University 2013 will be upon us soon.  Solid Edge ST6 will be officially announced by the director of Solid Edge Development, Dan Staples.

Ally PLM is offering up a Solid Edge Lunch Bytes: What's New in ST6 Part 1 webinar, a 30-minute web session dedicated to making you a better Solid Edge User, along with providing you a FREE Subway lunch!

A few new attributes like a New Relfective Display mode and Dimension auto-arrange will be unveiled.  Surfacing looks to be a focus for ST6, with new tools such as the Reflective Plane and Ruled Surface.

Check out the video on both:

As you can see from the Ken Grundey's video above, he says the Reflective Plane doesn't need an overhead geometric mirror to showcase the second half of the part previous to completion.  Usually you would model one half of the symmetric molded part and mirror the body of the other half when completed.  ST6 uses zebra shading tools for analyzing and inspecting the surface quality.   Ruled Surface uses existing geometry to to provide multiple options in order to create the surface.

Ken's video below shows the drafting process and how to make prints presentable and simpler to create.  According to Ken, Arrange Dimensions allow the user to automatically arrange dimensions to the standard defined by your template.  When using the Retrieve Dimension command to pull 3D model dimensions into 2D drawing and when updating a 3D model with an existing dimension drawing, dimensions don't always come in or update in a neat fashion.

Solid Edge ST6 will be upon us soon.  It will provide you with an elaborate amount of new tools and enhanced productivity.

"One of the biggest time savers in Solid Edge ST6 might be the ability to auto-arrange 2D detailing dimensions that were retrieved from the 3D model."  - Solid Edge ST6 BETA testing customer David Iverson, Drafting Checker at Ariel Corporation.

Register to watch Solid Edge Lunch Bytes: What's New in ST6 - Part 1

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.