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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Google Platter for Ally PLM Training in 2013

Get a Google Platter or iPad mini with Solid Edge and NX CAD/CAM Training for the rest of 2013!

Get a Google Nexus 7 & Google Chromecast or an iPad mini with the Ally PLM training sessions below.

Reserve your seat today for one of the following eligible courses in September, October, November or December. Training is available at Ally PLM in Cincinnati, OH or Online!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buy One Get One FREE - CAMWorks for Solid Edge

CAMWorks for Solid Edge - Buy One Get One FREE!   For a limited time, CAMWorks for Solid Edge is available to purchase 2 for the price of 1!

Buy One seat with USP/AMC, get a second seat of equal or lesser value one for the price of USP/AMC on that seat.*  

Hurry, for less than a month, CAMWorks for Solid Edge will be available for BOGO!  Contact us or visit our website to get more information.  

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions

*Only applicable to seats purchased at full list price (MSRP).  1 year of USP/AMC must be purchased with the new seat.  Additional seat will include 1 year of USP/AMC as well.  Future USP/AMC renewals will be assessed based on regular value of each seat's standard USP/AMC rate, determined by modules owned. There is a limit of two purchased seats (and two seats for price for USP/AMC) per customer for this promotion. All orders must be received by end of business Sept 27, 2013  Standard additional licensing fees apply (dongle licensing, network licensing, etc).  VoluMill is not included.  If this module is required it must be purchased at regular price with this promotion.  This promotion may not be combined with any other promotion.  The additional seat is non-transferable.  Both seats must go to the same company.

Solid Edge Subscription Service Now Available at Ally PLM

The Solid Edge Subscription service provides easy access and convenience.  You can now get the simplest, user-friendly rental model in the industry, straight from Ally PLM and Siemens.  

The new purchasing option offers you the opportunity to purchase professional CAD by simply visiting the Solid Edge online store. Once in the store, you can choose among a variety of Solid Edge licensing options that best align to their projects and budgets. 

The Solid Edge subscription license, which can be purchased on a month-to-month basis, represents the industry's most flexible model. You are not locked into a fixed subscription period, so you can upgrade or scale back at any time.

The new model provides some excellent benefits for you, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • The subscription enables small businesses to overcome the barriers to entry that upfront software costs can create. 
  • The flexibility of the subscription model allow you to address fluctuating business demands; quickly ramping-up to meet for seasonal peaks or projects by adding subscriptions when needed, but keeping overall software costs manageable.
  • The subscription model provides access to the full desktop version of the software, and files can be shared between the versions.
  • And, subscription users will also receive full support from our channel partners.
Choose the subscription plan that is right for you --
Design and Drafting:

-Direct modeling w/ synchronous technology
-Basic part modeling
-Basic assembly design
-Automated drawings


-Weldment design
-Frame design
-Exploded configurations


-Photorealistic rendering
-Standard parts
-Engineering reference
-Basic simulation (FEA)
-Data management


-Tube design

-Piping design
-Wire harness design
-Full simulation (FEA)

The new subscription program provided by Siemens will allow you convenience and easy access. Also, make sure to visit Siemens Solid Edge Community page.  

Siemens Solid Edge Community Forum

Siemens PLM Community - Solid Edge allows you to:

-Find content
-Q & A
-Share expertise
-Tips & Tricks

Visit: for more information.

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ally PLM Introduces: A Brand New Referral Program

Calling all customers--current and future! To help express our appreciation, we would like to offer a special incentive to our current customers. Refer a colleague to Ally PLM for their software needs—when they choose us as their solution provider, you’ll receive a FREE iPad Mini!

It’s easy—tell a colleague about your experience with us. When they make a software purchase from Ally PLM Solutions and mention your reference, you’ll receive an iPad Mini—absolutely free!

So spread the word, Ally PLM customers! An iPad Mini is up for grabs when you refer a colleague! 

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Solutions

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Solid Edge Giveaway from Ally PLM Solutions!

We’re doing it again—an exclusive Ally PLM giveaway. This time, a bundle of Solid Edge prizes is up for grabs: a FREE Solid Edge polo shirt AND Solid Edge reference mousepad. 

It’s easy to enter:

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We’ve got FIVE Solid Edge bundles** to give away. Enter for your chance to win today! Again, eligible entries include:   
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Contest ends at the COB on Tuesday, September 10th.

Don’t forget – our Buy One Get One Free sale is still going on!  Sign up for our newsletter for all kinds of great deals and exclusive offers.

* If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, or do not wish to share statuses on those accounts, Subscribing to this blog will count as one entry into the contest

**Must be U.S. resident to receive Solid Edge bundle

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Solutions

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Buy One Seat of Solid Edge, Get One Free - SEVEN DAYS LEFT!


Buy 2 Licenses of Solid Edge for the price of 1!

For a limited time,  both new and existing Solid Edge customers can take advantage of three different BOGO options:

  •  Buy one license of Solid Edge Classic or Solid Edge Premium, and receive a second software license at no extra cost. 
  • Buy Solid Edge Classic, get free simulation, wiring and piping design.
  • Buy Solid Edge Classic or Premium, get Solid Edge SP for design management at half price.
 But hurry, the offer ends on September 20th, so HURRY!  Please visit our website or call (513) 984-0480 x11 to receive more information.  
The biggest breakthrough ever in mechanical CAD software -- in your hands at a buy one, get one free price. 
Now in its sixth mature release with award-winning synchronous technology, Solid Edge provides accelerated design, faster revisions and excellent reuse of imported 2D and 3D data. Whether you're moving from 2D or from complex history-based 3D CAD systems such as Dassault's SolidWorks® software and Autodesk's Inventor® software -- as many companies are -- this offer doubles the bang of your engineering investment. 
With synchronous technology, you no longer have to choose between constraint-driven or history-free modeling. You no longer have to be a programmer to reuse a model. And you no longer need to worry about using data from multiple CAD systems.

Solid Edge. Design better.

*Maintenance must be purchased on both licenses.  B
uy one license of Solid Edge® software and one maintenance pack and get one identical Solid Edge license free. Must purchase maintenance for both seats. This offer is available only to companies with a physical location in the USA. 

Promotion ends September 20, 2013

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Sneak Peak at NX 9

At the recent Siemens PLM Connection Americas User Conference in Dallas, we began to describe our plans for the next release of NX™. We will deliver the next major release–NX 9–later in 2013.

NX 9 will contain significant enhancements in CAD, CAE and CAM, and will offer notable productivity improvements in multiple areas. NX 9 will deliver new solutions that help you meet your product development challenges and deliver better products. Without going into specific command details, here are a few things you can expect from NX 9 for design.

NX 9 will change how you work with 2D data. The introduction of synchronous technology 2D applies concepts of synchronous technology to 2D geometry to reduce the time it takes to make edits to 2D profiles. Imagine relational editing of both constrained and unconstrained geometry. It offers a productive way to work with large sketches that contain many curves and offers the ability to update dimensional constraints, preserving sketch integrity.

NX 9 will help you achieve new levels of productivity in concept design because creation of freeform shapes will be faster and more flexible. Subdivision surfacing enables new levels of advanced surface creation, integration and speed. You’ll be able to quickly try alternative shapes and styles in order to be more innovative. It is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to start off with a primitive shape. You then manipulate a surrounding “cage” to morph the shape as needed. The end product is high-quality B-surfaces in an editable NX feature.

Synchronous technology in 3D also continues to be enhanced. With NX 9 you will be able to edit a shape by directly manipulating its edges instead of the usual method of editing its faces. Faces adjacent to the edges that you edit will adapt to follow their motion. NX 9 will also offer significant advancements in visualization with real-time race-traced rendering.

You can expect enhancements in CAE – including meshing, mesh controls and motion control – and CAM, as well.

You can be even more productive with NX 9. While you wait for web information on NX 9 to be published, you can check out the current NX for design web page here.

NX 9, coming later this year, will bring several significant updates, including:

-Embedded subdivision surface modeling to enable new levels of advanced surface creation, integration, and speed via fully associative and reusable NURBS output and core workflow operations with manipulation and editing. “You can create in minutes the shapes that would take hours or days using other tools,” Rusk said.

-Real-time, ray-traced rendering that is multicore CPU– and GPU-accelerated for instant display of interobject reflections and refractions.

-NX 2D Layout, developed in response to customers’ needs to work with legacy 2D data and develop new product layouts in 2D, enables rapid changes to curves while maintaining geometric relations. New capabilities will assist with a layout by leveraging 2D components as reusable, associative objects.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LABOR DAY SPECIAL -- Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) -- 25% OFF TRAINING


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) per ASME Y14.5 Training, hosted by Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

GD&T is an international language applied to engineering drawings. It provides uniformity in drawing specs and interpretation. Geometric tolerancing uses the entire manufacturing and inspection process to reduce controversy, guesswork, and assumptions. Proper GD&T use will promote better product design, improve communication, and increase product tolerances.

This course will introduce students to the foundational concepts of Dimensioning and Tolerancing per ASME Y14.5 standard. This course will primarily reference the 2009 revision of ASME Y14.5 but will make note, as applicable, of changes from the 1994 revision. It will briefly review traditional coordinate dimensioning practices and then introduce students to the key concepts of GD&T per ASME Y14.5 that address the known limitations and shortcomings of coordinate dimensioning.
This course will prepare students to begin thinking of design approach in regard to defining and documenting machine component’s function in addition to its size and shape. Course is instructor led with many class participation examples and hands on student exercises. Course can be attended in person or on-line by joining in on live class session via GoToMeeting. After final review and student assessments; students will be exposed to 2D and 3D CAD tools and shown how to apply the lessons learned from this course to CAD drawings.

Students will have been introduced to GD&T per ASME Y14.5 2009 with awareness given to the key changes from 1994. Students will understand the key benefits of GD&T over coordinate dimensioning and be better prepared to design and document component’s function in addition to size and shape. Students will be able to identify all symbols of Form, Profile, Orientation, Location and Runout, and understand their basic functions and application. Students will also better understand Datums, Feature Control Frames, Modifiers and the implication Modifiers have on tolerance known as bonus Tolerancing.

Potential students should have or completed the following prior to the class:

  •  Mechanical Design Experience
  •  Understanding of Geometry and Relationships between parts in design
  •  Basic understanding of drawing practices: Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Click here for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) per ASME Y14.5 full course description guide.

Make sure to clear the calendar for September 4th-6th, HURRY, there are only a few seats left!

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

Monday, August 5, 2013

Free Solid Edge Polo Shirt Giveaway!

How would you like a FREE Solid Edge polo shirt?  We are giving away FIVE Solid Edge polo shirts!


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*Must be U.S. resident to receive free polo shirt 

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Former GM employee designs wood furniture in Solid Edge

Ed Stuckey has always had a passion for building furniture, as he took 3 years of woodworking in his Canadian high school.  He became interested in period furniture because of the traditional design and how the pieces were built in the 18th century with hand tools only.  

For almost half of his career, he was a NC (numerical control) Programmer, and was trained on NX (Unigraphics).  Learning both the CAD and CAM sides of the program, he wanted to use his knowledge to start building 18th century American furniture reproductions.

Ed was formerly employed by General Motors Technical Center - Chevrolet Engineering.  He served a 4-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman wood pattern maker.  A wood pattern maker creates wooden patterns for sand-casting iron and other metals.  It is a skilled trade intertwined with tool, die and mold making, and incorporates elements of fine woodworking. Ed Stuckey is now a retired wood pattern maker, and has been building these wonderful, wooden masterpieces for 40 years now.

Ed is a member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, a national organization of professional and amateur wood workers dedicated to preserving the hand-crafted skills of 18th and 19th century cabinet makers.  The pictures on the right show his process from start to finish, this of the front right leg.

After retiring in 2004, Ed bought Solid Edge v18, and is currently using ST6 to design his furniture.  He decided that because of the similarities between NX and Solid Edge, he was comfortable with his decision to move to Solid Edge.

In order to begin his design phase, he would research the piece of furniture by going to a museum or by perusing through books that have collections of furniture.  To obtain the correct dimensions from the pictures, Ed would use formulas to scale the pictures to the correct dimensions.  The picture on the right shows the chest of drawers, by John Chipman (1746-1819), found in the 1987 book Treasures of State.

Once he gathers all the information, he goes into Solid Edge to create the 3D models.  From the 3D model, he generates the drawing with all the essential details.  The full workshop in his basement paired with his own 36" plotter allows him to make prints of the furniture.  All of the pictures on the right were taken by Ed himself.

From start to finish, Ed Stuckey will spend approximately one year on each project.  Primary woods used are Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry, with secondary woods being poplar and pine for the drawer sides and bottoms, and internal case construction. The brasses are copies of 18th century brasses.

The block front Chest of Drawers was originally built by John Chipman of Salem, Massachusetts in 1775, and is currently on display at the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the US Department of State. The chest that Ed built is made of Mahogany as the primary wood, and poplar as the secondary wood.

Here's a 2D picture of his drawer compared to his finished product, and what the base of the chest looks like in Solid Edge compared to what Ed Stuckey pulls out and creates in his shop.



Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc