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Friday, August 28, 2015

NX Tip of the Week August 28

NX Tip of the Week
August 28, 2015

NX - Snap to Object
When modeling in NX there are many times where we want to extend a shape to another shape.  For example when using "Pull Face" in Synchronous Modeling, we want to pull a face to be parallel with another existing face on the model.  Of course, we can measure the distance between the 2 faces and input that value into the dialog.  However, there is a shortcut that can save you time and avoid the possibility of accidentally inputting an incorrect value.  The steps below will show how to use "Snap to Object" in the Extrude command when creating blank stock to be used in NX CAM.  Keep in mind that "Snap to Object" is available in multiple commands in NX.
1)  This is the part that I will be programming using NX CAM. In modeling, I will create a blank shape representing the raw material:
2)  Within the Extrude command, I have started the extrude 1.5" from the back of the part:

3)  Since I want the extrude to extend to the front face of the part I will use "Snap to Object" by right clicking on the blue arrow:

4)  Then I will simply pick the face I want to extend to:

5)  As you can see, the extrude is now extended to 5.6" which is parallel to the face of the part:

Thank you,
Chad Varney
Applications Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maintenance Pack 1 for Solid Edge ST8 Now Released

Solid Edge ST8 Maintenance Pack 1 is now available for download. 

Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Packs:
Beginning with Solid Edge ST8, Maintenance Packs are delivered as and installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Solid Edge MSI based Maintenance Packs are installed and tracked as Product Updates. 
  • MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update with a lesser version. 
  • MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered in MP1 and MP2. 
  • MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please note that there have been cases where the Disk Space Computation takes several minutes to complete. Please be patient. 
  • MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product. 
  • Uninstalling a MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product Update was applied.

PLEASE NOTE: When uninstalling a MSI Product Update, the original source media and the previous Product Update package, if any, must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.

The current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation. After the current Update is uninstalled, the previous Update will become the current Update, if there were multiple Updates installed.

MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall). 

The Ally PLM Technical Support Team is available to answer any questions and provide support for all of your needs including Maintenance packs. You can contact the Ally PLM Technical Support Team via email at or via phone at (513) 984-0480 Option: 4.

Tracy Tijan
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Everdigm designs better with Solid Edge

Construction machinery manufacturer cuts design changes by 50 percent with Solid Edge (Siemens PLM Software). Other results: overall design time is reduced 15 percent for first prototypes, production models contain fewer defects, obtained a 100 percent consistency between bill of materials and drawings and one person can now do the work of several. Everdigm also uses Femap software for finite element analysis and Teamcenter for product lifecycle management, both also from Siemens PLM Software. Watch the video and read the story.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Werner Weitner designs better with Solid Edge

Specialty tool maker Werner Weitner integrates design and simulation with Solid Edge (Siemens PLM Software) and its built-in Solid Edge Simulation module to avoid rework. The software helps ensure product safety while reducing development time and costs. Results: Complex designs are completed faster, correct decisions are made earlier in the process, time-consuming rework is reduced and static testing costs are lower.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tip of the Week August 14

Solid Edge Tip of the Week
August 14, 2015

Solid Edge - Support for Windows 10 and Windows 7

With the recent release of Windows 10, many users want to know when support for Windows 7 will be suspended and what versions of Solid Edge will support Windows 10. 

The last version of Solid Edge supporting Windows 7 is Solid Edge ST9. To reiterate, ST10 and beyond will NOT be supported on Windows 7.

As for support for Windows 10, Development will release notification of support for ST8 within an upcoming maintenance pack. We have not yet been notified which MP this will be. ST7 will not be supported on Windows 10.  Also, ST9 and forward will support Windows 10 in the base product. 

I hope you found this information useful!

Nathan Pfeiffer
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Caprock designs better with Solid Edge

This contract manufacturer replaced SolidWorks® with Solid Edge CAD and achieved a five times cut in design time. Caprock Manufacturing needed to model design recommendations for OEM customer products faster and was unsure of its existing CAD system’s future. A switch to Solid Edge and its synchronous technology helped find a faster way to edit customer data and move from complex history-based design to synchronous technology in Solid Edge.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Manz AG designs better with Solid Edge

High-tech electronic equipment manufacturer designs 145-foot long solar panels with Solid Edge. With the advantage of synchronous technology in Solid Edge (Siemens PLM Software), Manz was able to speed design results, easily integrate external models, and secure product lifecycle management, including its supplier network. "We have significant benefits through the trouble-free handling of external data. This definitely speaks for Solid Edge," said Roland Mann, manager of CAD/PLM administrations for Manz AG.

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